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Aaron is a guitarist, session musician and songwriter from Peterborough. He is currently guitarist for LEON and RACING THE WORLD, also having been lead guitarist of SYNAPTIK, SONS OF KAL-EL and PROTO INFERNO. Alongside releasing his own albums and teaching the guitar, Aaron has performed shows in Europe, gigged across the UK, worked as guitar technician for legendary guitarist and producer Andy Sneap of Judas Priest and performed live twice with the voted World's Number 1 guitarist Steve Vai. 

Fully qualified guitar teacher from Peterborough' Aaron is a fully qualified and experienced guitar teacher of children & adults. Alongside extensive live experience his qualifications include a PGCE in Music Education, Distinction Grade 8 Guitar, Grade A Music A Level & (BA Hons) Degree Contemporary Popular Music. 
'Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitar or Ukulele Lessons' lessons are focused on the type of guitar that you want to learn. Lessons available for 6 string electric, 7 string electric, 6 string acoustic, 4 string bass guitar and the ever popular Ukulele!
'Reach your full potential'  Whether you are looking at taking your first steps learning the guitar, or refining your playing to a professional level, Aaron has the skills, experience & patience to assist you to reach your goals as a musician and guitarist.
'Person-Centered Learning' The methodology of teaching and learning is focused around the musical interests of the guitar student. Therefore no two guitar lessons are taught the same way. Using a person-focused approach to learning, students are encouraged to learn music that they enjoy, that they find fun and that they find exciting. This is an empowering way to learn! 
'Expert in advanced guitar techniques, songwriting and music theory' Aaron has much training with how people learn and and specialises himself in advanced guitar techniques, performance, composing, songwriting and music theory. Students receive expert tuition on how to improve based on where they are currently at, where they want to go and how to get there.  

'Additional Learning Needs'. As a fully qualified teacher with a PGCE in Music Education and as a fully insured psychotherapist/counsellor registered to the National Counselling Society Aaron is a great choice of guitar teacher for students with a variety of additional learning needs such as Anxiety, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Autism. 

Learn Grades from Debut to Grade 8  Whilst grades are not for every student, Aaron does teach the Rockschool Grade Syllabus, which can be for some people a very good and goal orientated way of learning the guitar and amount to a recognised qualification..


“In my opinion, Aaron Beeken is one of the most gifted and dedicated young musicians, and tutor, who has worked hard towards his own goals. At the same time, being central to our son’s life, and life choices, always offering valuable time and support, even though he was under his own deadlines and pressures of completing his degree. ” C. Allett  -  Peterborough.  ____________________________________________________

“I feel that because I have known Aaron Beeken for so long, both personally and in his mothers professional capacity I am qualified to say that Aaron is completely trustworthy, someone who works as hard as he can to do the right thing, caring, dedicated and a very skilled musician who is also a pleasure to know. ”  P. Matthews - Market Deeping. 

“Abi was very shy and found social interaction difficult. Aaron Beeken was very patient and demonstrated his highly developed communication skills, building an empathetic teacher, pupil relationship with Abi. Over the years Abi developed both in her guitar playing skills and her confidence". M. H.  - Deeping st James.    _____________________________________________________ 

Aaron Beeken's lessons were always one to look forward to as they were practical, insightful, and entertaining aspects, which are complimentary of his down to earth personality. Although he only taught me for a year, the impact he had on my education and career choices has been immense, so much so that I decided to follow his footsteps to study at ACM, the university he graduated from.” J.Senior  - Bourne.

“As an ex student of Aaron Beeken I can say that I learned something new everyday about playing guitar or music theory as a whole”. B. Thorogood  - Bourne.     




“From blues to rock to jazz and funk, Aaron Beeken has a wide range of playing styles and inspired me to branch out into different genres which helped me with my university music course in London.”  D. Darmanin - Bourne.