Latest news for 2018 

Hi all, after performing a successful show in Malta with SynaptiK and signing to ENSO management, I am now focusing on writing SynaptiK's third studio album with the rest of the band. In between music I am studying my higher diploma in Psychotherapuetic counselling and am now qualified and insured as a Clinical Hypnotherapist registered to the NHS. I am pleased to write that my clinical hypnotherapy practice will soon be open. More information can be found on the National Hypnotherapy Society website. In summary, I am performing a number of local shows around Peterborough; so come along and say hello. If you need a guitarist/bassist or you hear/see that a band that needs a dep, feel free to point them this way. Check the events calendar for upcoming dates. Here is a photo of SynaptIK in Malta. 


Recent Tour with UK metal band HELL  

This past weekend I travelled out to Europe with UK metal band HELL consisting of David Bower, Kev Bower, Tony Speakman, Tim Bowler and legendary producer Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Megadeth, Kreator, Nevermore, Testament and many more). 

The first event on Friday was at the Moonlight Hall in Diest, Belgium. Upon arrival the band and crew were warmly welcomed by the venue's staff whom clearly have a passion to support live music. An energetic crowd of heavy metal enthusiasts eagerly awaited the headline act HELL. The crowd's spirits were uplifted higher HELL whom are widely recognised to be occult metal pioneers for a good reason. Interestingly I found out that Lars from Metallica was greatly into the Parallex EP (Kev’s band before Hell) called White Lightning. A theatrical edge of the Friday's opening tour show made every minute exciting and engaging for audience, band and crew. 

From here the band and crew travelled to through Belgium, into Germany and up into Netherlands to the much larger venue of Dru Fabriek in Ulft. Supporting thrash metal three piece Destruction on their European tour, HELL were greeted by a large crowd of Dutch and European fans that had travelled from far and wide. As shown on the Youtube videos HELL put on a show that Satan would have been proud of himself! Thanks is given to the girl working for Metal Hammer in Italy for providing us with a large amount of Belgian Stroopwafles that went down a treat on the journey to north west Netherlands the following day. 

After travelling back and listening to classic rock from the likes of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow the band and crew kipped after the gig Saturday at a hotel in Germany. The following day we travelled to the north west of the Netherlands on Sunday for a show at Neushoorn in Leeuwarden; a show that is well worth watching in retrospect with a YouTube search. After the final show the band headed back to the UK listening to Queen, more metal and discussing the sound engineer Arthur's families traditional Scottish breakfast dish named 'Porridge In A Draw'. On a final note the tour was enjoyable and a great laugh. Thanks goes out to everyone that made it happen.


Iliad Through the Cursed Mists 2018 Promo 

Here is a preview of 'Through the Cursed Mists' by Iliad, scheduled to be released in 2018. I have guest appeared on the guitar solos and I hope you enjoy listening!


Iliad, Mammothfest Gig and Next Show! 

In the past couple of months I have been writing solos for a metal band named Iliad. For this I used my Ibanez Prestige that Steve Vai signed for me when I played with him in 2009 and the project is sounding great. I will post some links up soon so watch this space. Iliad are a new metal project influenced by bands such as Mekong Delta and Anthrax. Song focused thrash metal with elements of progressive thrash. At this rate the Iliad music may resonate the eardrums of heavy metal fans ears very soon! Other news is that Synaptik headed across the UK to Brighton to perform Mammothfest which (when we finally got parked) went down a storm. Speaking of storms, Synaptik are set to support the Kettering based heavy rockers Stormbringer on 10th November at the B2 Venue in Norwich. Having supported Stormbringer before with Sons of Kal-el, this band know how to put on a great show so the gig at B2 will be one to remember and not to be missed! 

Proto Inferno release their first single 'Shattered Glass' 

Hey folks, this past month my band Proto Inferno released Shattered Glass with Reverance Records on iTunes. The song is also available to download on Here is a link to the official lyric video... I hope you enjoy listening!


Aaron Beeken scatters skilful embellishments over everything like magic dust. Bottom line is this is a debut album from a new British rock band that bears the hallmark of class. ”

Chris Kee of Power Play Rock and Metal Magazine


"Guitarist Aaron Beeken (BA) studied Contemporary Popular Music at the acclaimed Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). During such time he performed with Steve Vai and was featured in the 20th Anniversary edition of Guitarist Magazine".

The Independent Voice

"Aaron Beeken is off with a guitar solo that enlightens the listener to what talent he has"

Metal Mouth